• CaFÉ™: CaFÉ™, also known as CallforEntry.org™, is a web-based service that allows organizations and administrators to easily and cost-effectively manage artist application and jury processes related to calls for entry and other events. The service is designed for use with public art projects, artist fellowships, juried visual-arts competitions, and many other types of calls for entry. Visit Site.
  • VCCAVCCA is a working retreat for exceptional national and international artists, writers, and composers. For anywhere from two weeks to two months, they come here for intense periods of work free from the distractions of day-to-day life. Sequestered in the rolling foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, they are furnished with private studios, private bedrooms and three prepared meals a day. They can work in concentrated solitude, then re-energize in the company of two dozen other artists, writers and composers at dinner. The results of this crucible of creativity can be seen in the numerous awards our Fellows receive—from the Pulitzer Prize to the MacArthur "Genius Grant". Even more importantly, their work enriches libraries, galleries and concert halls in your neighborhood—and around the world. VCCA. Because a creative space is a creative edge. Visit Site.