Deborah Kapoor

Deborah Kapoor  (  explains, using fragile mixed media material with encaustic, I create sculptural wall pieces that embody intangible experience.



Deborah Kapoor

What kind of art could we find in your home?

Textiles, prints of all varieties, photographs, encaustic paintings.

What is your favorite museum in Seattle?

Toss up between Wing Luke and Asian (SAAM).

What is the best home for your art?

Lighting is critical most of all – as typically shadows are a big part of the work.

How do you price your work?

What the market will bear.

What is often overlooked about your work?

Not knowing what is involved in the process of using mixed media with encaustic, usually more complex in process than it seems upon viewing.

Solo Exhibitions:

  • ArtXchange Gallery (Seattle)
  • Shoreline Community College Gallery (Shoreline)
  • Northwest Encaustic (W. Seattle)
  • Sev Shoon Center (Seattle)
  • Encaustic Center (Richardson)

Group Exhibitions:

  • Conrad Wilde Gallery (Tucson)
  • Northwind Arts Center (Port Townsend)
  • Projects Gallery, Miami Basel Art Fair (Miami)
  • Ugly Art Room (Corvallis)
  • Kirkland Arts Center (Kirkland)

Permanent Collections:

  • Provincetown Library (Provincetown, MA)
  • Sexton House (Tallahassee, FL)