Carole d'Inverno

Carole d'Inverno (
"A deep interest in American History is at the core of all my work. As an artist I strive to transform and codify historical information into a visual abstract language. To prepare for a new series, I extensively research a place, a time period, an event. From the information gathered, I then develop a visual coded language with repetitive motives, patterns and colors specific to the subject I am working on. As I proceed, the language morphs into a unique melding of imagination and facts. Each piece produced is free of direct reference but underpinned by the original information. History is of course made of Science, Politics, Art, etc., and this richness allows me to investigate, and explore far and wide. As a result each series is unique and as much about the details as the sweeping historical facts."



What artist do you most identify with?

I look at work that teaches me something new, and that generates an emotional response.

Where can people find you hanging out?

My studio.

How do you describe your work and how do you talk to a potential buyer? Give us the elevator pitch. 

I am abstract painter obsessed with history. In my work, I try to convey my emotional response
to historical facts. I focus primarily on American history, and the series I produce are based on
specific eras. I have produced work based on the settling of the West, the history of Rochester
NY, the ecological impact of extraction and production of goods, etc. I am currently working on a
new series that will be addressing the Cold War era.

What are some things you'd like to change about the arts community here in Seattle?

I think for artists, the main issues are venues to show work (representation), and studio spaces.
I would like to see the city continue to fund the construction of artist buildings; change the
zoning to affordable live-in studio rentals (not condos live-in that are typically out of reach of artists), and allow more funding to support minority artists. I would also like to see the creation of more artist residencies with fellows, professors, and visiting artists attending from all over the world. The interactions and connections could be very inspiring. Artist buildings (like TK, or the studios at Sand Point Way to name couple) could set aside couple of units for visiting artists and fellows coming for residencies.

What kind of art can we find in your home?

Mostly NW artists, puppets, quilts, masks.

What is the best home for your art?

I would think that the best places are anywhere were the work can speak to people personally. Recently I received a message from a man who said he had seen my work in the waiting room of Group Health in Tukwila. The person said that looking at my painting hanging there, helped him stay calm..It doesn't get any better than that!  

 Tell What is often overlooked about your work?

My work is sometimes referred to as minimalist,and simple in appearance. The simplification of
form is not accidental, and it is best to spend some time with each piece.

Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2016 SUNY Monroe College, Rochester, NY. Visiting Artist, Installation of Mural painting, Rochester, NY.
  • “FAR WEST,” studio e Gallery, Seattle, WA.
  • Solo Show National Competition Winner “The Art of IvySide,” PENN State Misciagna Center For the Performing Arts, McLanahan Gallery , Altoona, PA.
  • Solo show at Black Lab Gallery, Everett, WA.
  • 2015 “A Way of Saying” State University New York, SUNY Mercer Gallery at The Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY.

Group Exhibitions:

  • 2016 “Environs” group show, Occasional Gallery, Burlington, WA.
  • “Yellow” group show at studio e Gallery, Seattle, WA.
  • 2015 Mrs Goldberg “A Curated Life” Kirkland Art Center, Kirkland, WA.
  • SEA_City Hall Flight Path, City Hall and Anne Focke Gallery, Seattle, WA.
  • 2014 Gallery IMA, Seattle, WA.

Permanent Collections:

  • Public collections: Seattle University, Seattle. Group Health Headquarters, Seattle, WA. Group Health, Tukwila Medical Center, Tukwila, WA. Works in private collections in the US, Italy, Ireland and Belgium.