Northwest Orbit

  • John Boylan: John Boylan’s conversation series explores art, politics, science, and culture at large. These are not panel discussions; rather they are roundtable conversations, where the guests are in conversation with the rest of the room. Since the mid-1990s, the series has featured more than 350 guests, including some of Seattle’s most fascinating artists, scientists, poets, organizers, engineers, writers, musicians, composers, architects, actors, impresarios, and culture workers of all stripes. Visit site.

  • The Makers Podcast: A lively and casual semi-weekly conversation with artists, musicians, gallerists, authors, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. Host David Hytone, armed only with some cheap recording gear and an even cheaper bottle of wine attempts to wrangle a good story or three out of creative types of all stripes. Based out of Seattle but with a national reach, The Makers Podcast Not only discuss visual arts, music, literature, food, and theater, but also the personal history, politics, and culture that inform their creation. A little rambling, often irreverent, this series of discussions explores what drives the people who make wonderful things. Visit site.

  • The site features in-depth interviews with artists, writers, and other creative people living in Seattle and New York. Visit site.
  • Vanguard Seattle: Vanguard Seattle is an arts and culture community, publishing entity, and events producer founded to document and encourage the dialogue amongst Seattle’s creative and arts communities. The Vanguard Seattle vision is to encourage open-mindedness and curiosity in Seattle’s cultural fabric through written content, original photography, and events that draw together the early adopters or “culture makers” of Seattle and people from many walks of life. Visit site.
  • Iskra Fine Art: Seattle artist Iskra Johnson writes about culture, social media, politics and art. Her blog hosts the occasional visit to artists' studios with interviews and essays on the creative process and the contemplative impulse in art. Her work is exhibited by SAM Gallery. Visit site.
  • The Stranger: Seattle's alternative weekly newspaper. Visit site.
  • City Arts: City Arts is a platform for arts and culture in the Puget Sound. We publish City Arts, a glossy monthly magazine, and we produce a variety of music and arts events, including the Art Walk Awards and Genre Bender.

    Every month, City Arts magazine goes for a colorful, glossy romp inside our community, catching up with artists-in-process, visiting stages and studios all over town to give our readers a bird's-eye view of what our region’s up to. We quest to understand the creative character of this place, to figure out our fundamental ethos, to chase down the cutting edge and hold the zeitgeist in our hands. Visit site

  • Aktionsart: Aktionsart is a nonprofit arts and technology laboratory based in Seattle. The blog is a place for new ideas in the arts, technology, and design. Visit site.